"The question is not can we grow enough food but will people have enough income that they can demand food. With a couple years exception, maybe in the 70s and 1990, there's been no shortage of food. There's been a shortage of purchasing power… Will people have enough income that they can demand food in the marketplace? And I'm not sure whether the agriculture community has really caught up with that. And there have been periodic studies that point to the self-interest of U.S. agriculture in successful economic development around the world…
     "Well, from my perspective at least the question is how you help other countries improve their well being enough that people can afford to buy what they need. And we have enough successful examples that we know in a general way what has to be done. If you watch – I named them before, Japan and Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines. The Philippines is still kind of on the margin. You do the things that will create decent jobs. And at times, it's hard to be patient because the first jobs are not always very good jobs. But there seems to be – seems to be progression."

Don Reeves – Green Rev. Legacy


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