"The biggest chemical, I think, was anhydrous ammonia. It was cheap, and there was a lot of people – That's why we are in trouble now. We overdone it. I had a neighbor that [said], 'Well, 150 pounds at six cents a pound, why 300 pounds will do it!' Well, we're still going to pay for that someday. It's still going down [into the groundwater]. You put anhydrous on at 300 pounds to an acre, and you're not going to use half of it, or a little over half. And you do irrigation, and the nitrogen will follow the water. And as it goes down, well our water table is 45, 50 feet down. Eventually we're going to have nitrogen in our water because they've done studies around Aurora and back. We've just seen the tip of the iceberg of this nitrogen in our water."
     Question: "And for those that don't know, what's the problem with nitrogen in the water?"
     "Well, you can't drink it because your body – well especially the younger ones, the kids, but the older ones it ain't going to do you any good either. It won't kill you. But it will kill an infant."

Virgil Obermier – Fertilizer Use


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