"Well, Silent Spring called attention to the potential consequence of unbridled reliance on – You know, an insecticide is like any other tool. If you don't use it properly you're liable to cause some effects that are unintended or undesirable. And you know, people in general tend to, when they first find a new tool they think about how wonderful it is and they don't think about other things. And later you may decide that there is some aspects of it. And it wouldn't have been so bad if we'd have just used the insecticide once, but we used it continuously and we used it on a wide area and we did it every year. And these things contributed to the problem…
     "Having been from a farm background I wasn't particularly concerned or apprised of the potential negative consequences. So, when it first come out, I thought, 'What is this person all excited about?' If I'm going to write a book, I've got to write something that makes some strong statement or nobody's going to [read] it. You can't – just like an ad, you never see any laid back ad that's middle of the road. It's got to be strong. And Silent Spring was effective and constructive in focusing our attention. We weren't looking – We were looking only at the – or primarily at the desirable aspects of these things. And you need to look at the whole profile. And it served to get us moving in that direction. So, in that respect it was a plus because we need to. We just have to."

Alex Martin – Silent Spring


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