"My early memories of farming probably are more serious problems with weeds. We had terrific weed problems in our corn and soybeans. And I can recall the first time we used a herbicide how miraculous it appeared to be to solve a major problem we had before. And so I don't know if that influenced me in choosing weed science as a career professionally. But it made a very strong impression on me. The difficulty controlling weeds, without herbicides and what a powerful tool they were once they became available! This experience would have been, oh, in the mid-late-50s. I mean, when I was old enough to actually be involved for it to be my problem as opposed to just somebody else's."
     Question: "Why was it your problem?"
     "Well, my brother and I were farming while I was in high school, and when we started in college. So, we had rented some ground and were farming 'semi on our own,' if you will. And so, we had to make management decisions and live with the consequences of our decisions.
     Question: "This is a pretty precocious thing to be doing, it seems to me."
     "Well, maybe reckless. [He laughs.] Maybe my Dad was a risk taker (I'm not sure) to give us enough rope to do something like that."

Alex Martin – The Weed Challenge


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