"Well, we had air raid drills when I was in grade school, sure. You know, it was a little bit like a fire drill except you don't run outside. You go to a portion of the building that was deemed to be most safe in the event of an attack and cover your head, perhaps get under the desk. And coupled with those things there was a certain amount of interest in people building backyard bomb shelters. And fortifying them with provisions so they could wait out a reasonable interval that they hope would be safe when they emerge. So, the Cold War, that's past now, and today people who were born in the last 20 years probably can't appreciate that…
     "And it got a lot of press locally at the time. So, it was in front of you. And because it's in front of you you're constantly reminded that this is or could be a threat. You really didn't have a good idea what you could do about it."

Alex Martin – Air Raid Drills


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