"The Green Revolution was in [that time period]. In fact, it's hard to appreciate that a major shift has taken place until – You have to have a time frame to look back and say, 'Between now and then, look at how much happened.' And so you tend to – these things that were changes that weren't subtle. When you look after 10 years there's a huge change, and you tend not to realize. But looking back it was tremendous change. Tremendous…
     "Norman Borlaug was a major contributor to this whole, to the Green Revolution. There's no questions about it. I recognized him as somebody who had made a huge contribution to our understanding and advancement of food production. There's no question about that. People like that – That kind of a contribution has had a huge impact on mankind. And it's just fortunate we've got people with skills in a lot of those areas, and people like him came along."

Alex Martin – The Green Revolution


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