"There was a drought year, and I don't know exactly what particular year. It was in the mid-50s. One thing that encouraged me to put in the pivot was that we had a drought year. And the other thing, I had been irrigating already before. But the pivot made it much more convenient… Pivot irrigation is the most efficient use of water, in spite of evaporation, that you can have. But we experienced that as we went along. I thought it was more positive than negative, and that's why I went ahead with it."
     Question: "The 50s were some dry years, as well."
     "Yeah, that's right. The 50s were."
     Question: "How bad were they in comparison to the 30s?"
     "Well, they weren't nearly as severe. But during the 50s there were more programs for what might take place. And also the bankers were more conservative with their lending policies, and they didn't get as many people into trouble by over-lending. They didn't over-lend, but the conditions just made it a bad loan."
     Question: "So, you think when the dry years hit in the 50s, you had learned something from the Depression."
     "Oh yes, you do. There's a survival process always that takes place. Those that survive, they live to tell the story. Those that don't, they go do something else. That's the way it works in our culture."

William Luebbe – 50s Drought


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