Question: "When did you get your first TV?"
     "Oh, well that's been about 50 years ago. Yeah. And it lasted a good long time. It was very interesting. It was a good TV set. It was a cabinet model, you know, and it cost extra money. And we had it in the living room, and it was part of the furniture, see. And finally that TV went bad. And it's a good cabinet. So I shopped around and found a TV that would almost fit in that cabinet. And then I had the local cabinetmaker, he fitted that TV into that cabinet that we had. And my son, he hooked the other two speakers in that cabinet, hooked that into the new TV. And that's been working ever since…
     "But the problem with the TV now, there's so much of it that's not worth watching. Much of the programs that we have, they give us wrong information. Or especially the young people, it gives them the wrong outlook on life. That's the bad thing about it."
     Question: "During the 50s and 60s some of the most popular programs were based – were about rural areas, like 'Beverly Hillbillies.'"
     "They portrayed the farmers as being backward, uneducated and so on. And that wasn't really fair to the farmers. And the city cousins got an image there that wasn't accurate. And even now, like my son is going to college, and one of them has a doctor degree. He don't belong in that kind of program at all. And he's farming and he enjoys it."

William Luebbe – TV in the 50s & 60s


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