Question: "What was the biggest change that happened between the time you started and the time you ended?"
     "Futures trading. Killed them. That was a bunch – and there's guys that would argue with me that – and there was fortunes made there and there was fortunes lost there. I think that probably had more influence, good or bad (take your pick). And then packer concentration. They go hand in hand…
     "I think 80 percent of the cattle nowadays are controlled by three packers. Tyson which used to be IBP, Cargill and Swift which used to be ConAgra which used to be Monfort…
     "But those three major packers control, I believe, 80 percent of the cattle. So some guy with the 28 head that I was talking about, he's just screwed. He's just out there at somebody else's vagaries."

Tom Hoffman – The Cattle Industry


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