"Folks wanted it then. They wanted the heavily fatted calf. They were cattle that had a covering of fat on the outside that could be that thick, 1½, maybe 2-inches thick… Now, if you have more than a mist of fat on an animal, folks don't want it. Different times, different life."
     Question: "What changed?"
     "Good question."
     Question: "Just the health stuff, do you think that changed?"
     "I think that's probably some of it. And then I think too the waste factor came into it. Lots of folks didn't want to buy that animal with a rib eye like that, a 4-inch rib eye, and then an extra 2-inches of fat on it. Just didn't want to do it. It was a slow process, but it eventually evolved. And now those kind of cattle, you know, you can't give them away."

Tom Hoffman – Consumer Demands


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