Question: "Well, tell me about going to market in Omaha in the 50s."
     "Oh my. Oh my! Well, that was a – actually it was just like having a little vacation because – You got these feeder cattle in the fall. And then you fed them your corn that you had raised. And then when they were finished, then you hauled the trucks in to come haul them to Omaha. Thirteen head would fit on a standard grain truck. So, maybe you had to have two neighbors or two trucks come in and haul them in because you kind of whated them all there at the same time unless they hadn't developed at the same rate. Well, then you would pick the ones you figured were finished. And then you'd make another trip…
     "Omaha was made with all these different commission firms, so you had your favorite firm. So, the next morning you would get up bright and early, and you would drive to Omaha to see your cattle being sold. Make sure that they got sold right. Well, then the family got to go along and we got to go shopping a little bit! Downtown Omaha, no less! So that was – and it was a yearly excursion. If the cattle sold good, why then you were – maybe got to eat at Johnny's Cafe or someplace yet."
     Question: "So, that was a treat?"
     "Yes, that was a real treat."
     Question: "What did you have a Johnny's Cafe?"
     "Well, beef, of course! [Laughs]"

Beulah Gocke – Omaha Stockyards


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