"We had missile silos right west of York here."
     Question: "How did that make you feel?"
     "I thought war was coming mighty close to home."
     Question: "You felt like the ICBMs from Russia were aimed at you?"
     "Yes. Yes.
     Question: "SAC [the Strategic Air Command from Omaha] was flying B52s out over, kind of, this area, right? Did you ever experience that?"
     "Oh, yes. This was a daily routine where they flew the B52s across. And then, we also had – how long? How many years of that surveillance plane that flies real low?…
     "You just knew war was a little closer than what you wanted it to be. But, really, we were so blessed. We probably didn't realize it at the time, that war was not on our territory, on our tundra. They were training to go otherwise. And you thought, 'Okay, hope they come back.' We're in the same pattern now."

Beulah Gocke – Cold War Close to Home


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