Question: "Your kids were baby boomers?"
     "Yeah, they were."
     Question: "Were their lives different than you think your life was?
     "Oh yes. Because they had opportunities that I couldn't even think about. And we were mobile. And they could go places. And I did enable them to go places and do things. And get away from the farmstead more than five miles. When we moved to Kearney, that was a great step for the first two or three of them because they were in elementary school then, and close to school. And it was wonderful neighbors and people were – Everybody else was having kids so there was no limit to who they could play with. And everyone was on a decent – they were decent people. We had wonderful neighbors and they were helpful neighbors. At one time, there was like 23 kids under 12 years of age on this one little block and a half neighborhood. So, those are still very good memories for my kids. And they could be in 4-H, and they could be in Little League ball games, and things like that. So it was a good lifestyle for them."
     Question: "Twenty-three kids in a couple block area is the definition of a baby boom, right?"
     "Yeah, definitely. Four and five to a family, and then when you have that many then maybe you better think about quitting. But four children, that was nothing."

Beulah Gocke – Baby Boomers


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