"We moved to Salt Lake City. And there again, pretty soon, we were scratching around in the dirt. We did some truck farming, direct marketing and stuff. Truck farming is now what you refer to as your farmers' market…
     "Their agriculture [in Salt Lake City] wasn't to be bragged about. They had very poor quality sweet corn. We couldn't find any decent sweet corn so [we thought], 'Well, let's raise some. The kids are teenagers, they need something to do.' And so we ordered some Iowa Chief hybrid sweet corn in. And it was a huge ear, looked like field corn. And they had only been familiar with the little Golden Bantam sweet corn. And the market was unending. The people just went crazy for it. Of course, we sold it three dozen for a dollar and sold off the pickup alongside the road where there was a parking lot, every night. We'd harvest in the morning, sell at night. Not too different than neighbors do down here here in York, yet. And that was my son's college money for his first year to college then…
     "Well, the good fresh sweet corn is pretty hard to beat. They made their own market. And then the next year we added some more acres – couple more acres. And then we went into the tomatoes, which that was no problem getting rid of them either."

Beulah Gocke – Truck Farming


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