"In a community like York, that's a constant – not a concern, but it's a point of conversation that our kids aren't coming back. I mean, they're going and we have like a couple industries that have people coming to work, like Hamilton Sunstrand. And when a single person comes into the community, one of their biggest reasons for leaving or living some place else is there's nothing to do in York, or any small community. Particularly for the younger person who's gone through maybe university or gone through higher education and is used to, you know, social and civic and all types of activities. York doesn't have them…
     "I don't know how we're going to stop that. Nebraska has got a big problem with the brain drain, as they call it. I don't see any quick remedy to it. I think that maybe as companies get bigger, they'll maybe realize the value of a smaller community. As we get more computerized – which we will – we can operate from any place to run a business, most businesses. So, I think that'll help us in the long run. So that's why we got to be wired to go wireless. We've got to have that technology."

Don Freeman – Raising Kids for Export


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