"In fact, I was in a project in Mexico in the 70s that was a huge project. I think there were eight different sites of grain storage handling and drying. We sent, I don't know how many truckloads of equipment down there. And so I went down and worked on some of the sites. Some of them didn't even have roads to them, yet. But they were getting ready because irrigation was coming in to start raising crops on the eastern coast of Mexico.
     "You know, you go down there, and they were so far behind in storage they would probably lose half their crop because it wasn't properly taken care of. So, with the system we were putting in, they were able to store properly and maintain it so they could keep it for six months or when the demand was there to use it. So, I think that's great. It's good and, yeah, that would have been the Green Revolution that started… I think they were jumping over all the development that we did right into modern farming."

Don Freeman – Green Revolution


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