"Oh, yes, yes, yes. In fact, in the very beginning we had competition and some dropped out. Some came. At one time I think there were as many as 30 different companies building irrigation systems…
     "We were involved in some litigation that people infringed on the patent. That was a time consuming, costly activity that did some good. And didn't [do good] in some cases. It just depended on what happened. And it finally got to the place that the patent expired and everybody that wanted to get in it could. And some did. Some succeeded but most didn't…
     "I don't think anybody likes competition. That's what I meant by [saying earlier] 'in an emotional way.' But in terms of it having any great impact on our business, [it didn't]…
     "Today there are really only about four or five and they're all located in Nebraska, believe it or not. We, today, enjoy about 50 percent of the world market. So, competition gets the other 50 percent."

Robert Daugherty – Valmont's Patent Expires


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