Question: "Tell me, then, about when you started seeing the world market develop. What was your first foreign sale? Do you remember that?"
     "Well, we had – When you say, 'the first one' – There were several that happened at the same time, more or less. We sold systems in Russia. We sold systems in Australia. We sold some in Mexico. We sold some in Canada. We sold some in Europe. And so, when it became common knowledge in the ag machinery market, why, then we had inquiries from many places in the world. And it just – It just depended on how aggressive the person was as to whether they wanted to try something as new and revolutionary and (at the time) unreliable as he did. It happened almost as soon as we began to have publicity on the existence of center pivot is we got enquiries and letters, visitations from people that wanted more information about it…
     "We didn't have to advertise it in the beginning. It happened… There were the first articles written about the existence of center pivots. People wanted to know about it because it did fill a need in most cases that heretofore had not been filled."
     Question: "These are smart people that you're dealing with. These are smart farmers."
     "Well, some are. [He laughs.] I would qualify that."
     Question: "The folks that buy your systems, right?"
     "[Laughter] Yeah, right. All the ones that buy our systems are brilliant!"

Robert Daugherty – Pivots Go Worldwide


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