"Well, I was born in Omaha, in South Omaha. I grew up on 22nd and H Street in South Omaha. My father was in the livestock commission business in the stockyards in South Omaha… I worked there in the summer when I was a kid. When cattle or hogs or whatever came in to the livestock [market], they came in and were received by the Union Stockyard Company. And my job was to go and pick up the livestock that were received that were assigned to my father's company and bring them from the receiving pens up to where they were sold and displayed, or displayed and sold. And so I did that. And then after they were sold they had to be weighed, and I would take the cattle to the scales and get a scale ticket. And then they would go to whoever bought them. And I did that sort of thing in the summertime. And that was very interesting, but plenty of exercise! Good work for a kid. You know, I enjoyed that and made a little bit of money…
     "I used to go with my father. He'd call on his farm customers. And I would go with him as a young man. And so, I got to know an awful lot about agriculture by just being exposed to it that way. I wasn't a farmer, but I met and talked and visited with many, many farm[ers] during my youth. Even though I was a city slicker, I knew what farming was all about."

Robert Daugherty – Omaha Stockyards


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