"There were those who said, 'India is a hopeless cause. You just have to let the population die off to a certain level. Maybe Pakistan can be saved. If you try to save India, the whole system is going to collapse.'"
     Question: "And what did you think about that, when somebody said that?"
     "It hurt! It [the criticism] was going on. It was popular sport. The population monster – 'Nothing could be done.' Nobody was more concerned about population than I was… I want to cut down on human misery. This is the most fertile ground for planting all kinds of extremism, including terrorism. And the people of the developed nations won't live in peace and tranquility with that pot boiling over. First, it's internal conflict, in a country, civil war. Then, other countries get involved. And here we go again. Those are the dangers."

Dr. Norman Borlaug – The Population Bomb

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