Academic Standards for
How the Midwest Was Won

Eighth Grade Standards

Nebraska Language Arts

8.1.1 By the end of the eighth grade, students will identify the main idea and supporting details in what they have read.
Example Indicators:

  • Monitor their understanding as they read.
  • Interpret information from diagrams, charts, and graphs.
  • Answer literal, inferential/interpretive, and critical questions.
  • Evaluate information for relevance and accuracy.
  • Skim to identify the main idea of a selection.
  • Scan to locate specific details.

8.1.2 By the end of the eighth grade, students will identify, locate, and use multiple resources to access information on an assigned or self-selected topic.

  • Use general reference materials (dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, atlas, telephone book, almanac).
  • Use electronic resources (CD-ROM, software programs, online resources).
  • Use library resources (card or electronic catalog, periodicals, and other informational text).
  • Use multimedia resources (video/audio tapes).

Social Studies

8.1.9 By the end of eighth grade, students will describe key people, events, and ideas since World War II.
Example Indicators:

  • Describe the technology revolution and its impact on communication, transportation, and new industries.
  • Describe the consumer economy and increasing global markets.
  • Describe the increases in violent crime and illegal drugs.
  • Explain the effects of increased immigration.
  • Describe political leaders of the period, trend in national elections, and differences between the two major political parties.

8.4.2 By the end of eighth grade, students will demonstrate skills for historical analysis.
Example Indicators:

  • Identify, analyze, and interpret primary sources, e.g., artifacts, diaries, letters, photographs, art, documents, newspapers, and contemporary media, e.g., television, movies, and computer information systems to better understand events and life in United States history to 1877.
  • Identify characters, settings, and events from narratives of Nebraska, America, and world history.

8.4.6 By the end of eighth grade, students will improve their skills in historical research and geographical analysis.