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For Farming in the 1940s

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One of the key features of this Wessels Living History Farm Web site is the section devoted to education. "Learner Resources" for the 1950s and 60s section are full lesson plans tied to Nebraska's educational standards.

Each online lesson listed at the left includes a suggested grade level, the standards that are addressed, objectives, a detailed plan with resources and advice, concluding activities, and suggested assessments.

Language Arts.
In this set of lessons, several different media are used to support reading development.

  • If You Build It… In this lesson, students in grades 3-5 will research how the arrangement of farm buildings influenced farm life and economics.
  • How the Midwest was Won Middle students will sharpen their research skills in this lesson to produce a comprehensive description of agricultural innovation.
  • Duck and Cover High school students are asked to empathize with students from 40 years ago who were taught how to "survive" a surprise atomic bomb attack.
  • Living Vocabulary In this lesson, upper elementary students are coached in ways to discover the definitions of new words and how context can change meanings.

So, choose a subject matter that appeals to your interests from the navigation list at the left, or simply click the Next Arrow below and browse through the lesson plans.

Submit your Lesson Plan

Would you like to be published here? You can also submit your own lesson plans to us for possible inclusion in the Web site. This lesson submission form can be used for lessons on the 1930s and the 1920s section, as well.


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