"At times it [the Missouri River] would just go out of its banks and flood everything. No control at all of the water coming down. If there was a big storm or big fall it could make flooding in Omaha clear to St. Louis. So those dams really done, I think, wonders for this area. Besides being able to use it for boating, fishing, electricity, irrigation."
   Question: "When the Pick-Sloan [Act] came in, barge traffic was also an important consideration."
   "Oh yeah, cheap transportation… The barges can move so much grain, you know, for a little cost, I mean. But, you've got to have the flow there, and which they try to control that during barge season, to let the water through. And it's always [been a controversy] between the people who want recreation and also irrigation how much water they want to let go or through – electricity, power, and so forth. Anyway the barges are still important to move grain to New Orleans or wherever it wants to go."

Winton Wright – Missouri River


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