"Well, there was several of them who didn't come home. Some were pretty well shot up when they did come home. And they never complained. Veterans' Day the other day there – Why, my neighbor [we found out] had two purple hearts. Most people didn't know that. You know, the kids in school really looked at those things and didn't understand why. But he was in Okinawa and got shot up twice…
   "This man still had his steel helmet where the bullet went through and went down the side of his head down in his back. And then he got shot in the ribs. So, he had two of them [Purple Hearts]…
   "His son told me there Tuesday, 'We hear more about it now than we did ever before.' And he's probably 82 years old I imagine now, but his health isn't good. But, he did tell about it. He had a Japanese sword there he brought back and some flags from Japan."
   Question: "Why do you think they didn't talk?"
   "Well, I don't think they wanted the family to know what they'd been through. I don't know if they were – they had to be proud of what they had done, you know, for America. But, they just didn't think they wanted to talk about it and let people know what they went through."

Winton Wright – Coming Home


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