"Ed [Wessels] was a great talker. And he was a World War II veteran, and was drafted of course. And the story of his experience there. Ed can swear pretty good. And he was plodding along over in Europe behind a tank, a squadron of them. And they were walking in mud halfway to their knees. This guy gets the tank stuck in the mud, however he maneuvered it. Ed has a voice like a bull moose and you could hear him all over. 'That dumb so and so, got the thing stuck and he couldn't get it out.'
   "His platoon leader listened to this about so long, I guess, and he said, 'I suppose you can do better?'
   "And he said, 'Well, of course.' Of course, he was very experienced in driving all kinds of machinery. In fact, big machinery and dirt moving became his business. He did some of that before he left. I don't know if he had a business of it. But anyway there was no doubt in his mind that he could [get the tank out].
   "And he [the platoon leader] said, 'You think you can get that out of there?'
   "'Oh, I think I can.'
   "He said, 'Have a try.' And he called the guy out of the cockpit and sent Ed in.
   "And he [Ed] jostled the thing around and backed her up and punched her forward and turned it and got it up on the ridge. His platoon leader said, 'You've walked your last mile. You're going to be driving tanks.' [Laughs.]"

Dr. Charles Wempe – Ed Wessels’ War


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