"I played basketball. I probably came tuned up for basketball in the relocation center. They had a basketball court. It was just hard dirt court. And I spent a lot of time playing basketball…
   "So when I got to Wesleyan, why, I tried out for the basketball team. My first year I didn't get much playing time, but the second year, which was my last year, I got plenty of time because we only had seven players [laughs]. One time during the season, one of the players got measles or some other kind of disease like that. And the only trouble is that his roommate was also one of the team members. We played two games with just five players. We went up to Norfolk. See, my roommate, who also came from Seattle – well, he belonged to the same church I did. He was my roommate, and he was on the basketball team, too. He was the best, highest scorer. But he got – in those two games we got so far ahead that he got to goofing off or showing off or something. And the coach made him – put him on the bench and made us play with four players [laughs]. Well, we won that game.…
   "School would start and there'd be guys there one day and they'd be gone the next day. Yeah, I don't know whether that [the war] was a factor or not. I suppose it had to be if they were losing students."

Kaz Tada – Playing Basketball


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