"2,4-D was one of the first [herbicides] for broadleaf weeds. Of course, Atrazine took care of not only broadleaf but grassy situations."
   Question: "What's the difference between broadleaf [weeds] and grasses?"
   "Well, grass is more like your lawn grasses. It's what we refer to as grass. The broad-leaf weeds we refer to as bindweed and dandelions and those type of broadleaf weeds."
   Question: "And corn, in fact, is actually a grass."
   "Corn is actually a grass, yes. Of course, 2,4-D was strictly developed for broadleaf which would take care of bindweed and any of your broadleaf weeds… We sold several carloads the first year we had it. Of course, I guess the farm people had trust in us in selling what we did."

Holly Miller – Broadleaf & Grass Herbicides


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