"Of course, when we first got back from the service you know, you couldn't buy a car. They were not available. My first automobile in 1946 – I bought a used, rough riding Dodge pick-up from Kearney, Nebraska where they had a bunch of the surplus Army material. I drove that for a couple years 'cause you couldn't buy – there wasn't anything to buy there…
   "They bought tanks for liquid fertilizer clear back into the '50s. The tanks is what they shipped airplane motors in during the war to replace airplane motors and that. And a fellow by the name of Mr. Neilson down at Hebron, Nebraska had collected all those, and we bought from there…
   "There was surplus motors that guys bought, some of them to put on irrigation wells… Most of those pieces were for replacement of truck motors. And electric – or they used them for electrical plants and that for the surplus."

Holly Miller – Surplus Equipment


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