"Well, they dropped hay out of airplanes to livestock that was stranded in pastures. And of course, we had one bad one in 1948, too, here around York. And I can remember four of us leaving… Got us up at 4:00 o'clock in the morning because people were stranded between Waco and York. And we left at 4:00, got stranded out there. And two of the boys walked with blankets over their head. And they got within a mile or two of Waco. They found a little girl that was crippled in a car. And they hauled, carried her to Waco in that terrible blizzard that you could hardly get your breath in, you know. And you really don't have no business out there walking. But the boys were smart enough to carry blankets with them. And as the wind sucked that breath away from them, they could keep themselves covered up so they could breathe and keep going."

Holly Miller – Blizzards of ’48 & ’49


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