"Well, my wife-to-be [Lenore], she went with another girl, and went out to her aunt's in California. And they worked in the defense plant…
   "They were pleading for help out there and paying pretty good wages. And then she had an aunt out there that she could stay with, she and her cousin, a couple other girls went out to work in this defense plant."
   Question: "So, she was Rosie the Riveter."
   "I suppose, yeah. She worked in a defense plant, yeah… We had planned to get married after the war was over. When we got married at first I was working. I was just a salaried person until I got on my own, and she worked in the unemployment office as a secretary. And when we decided to get in the seed business, we got in together. She was my bookkeeper and secretary, and she did that until she wanted to retire"
   Question: "Would you have been able to make it without her?"
   "No, she was a vital part of the operation."

Holly Miller – His Own Rosie the Riveter


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