"One time, I wanted to go back east. I think I went back there to get married, but I didn't tell anybody that's what I was going to go do. And the boy that I married was in the Navy at Norfolk, Virginia. And so I asked them if I could have a couple weeks off. And they said, 'Oh why don't we just cancel – you know, check you out. And then when you come back, you just come talk to us and we'll just hire you again.'
   "So, I thought, 'Well, that's kind of risky. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush,' I thought. But I thought, 'Well, I'll just take a chance.'…
   "He [my fiancé] was from Bradshaw… I got on a train at Grand Island, all by myself, didn't know anybody. Rode clear to Norfolk, Virginia, had to get off in a big town. Came from a little bitty town in York County and – I think, 'How did I ever do that?'…
   "It's a wonder I didn't get my money stolen. And then, when I got there I had to get out and go find – I think I had to find a room. And oh-h, I don't – I couldn't do that now. I couldn't get on a plane or a train and go do that now by myself. But, I never even thought anything about that then. Isn't that – that's just because you're young and don't know all the fears that you later know, like happen to people now… But he's dead, and I haven't – I didn't stay married to him."

Mildred Hopkins – Getting Married


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