"I remember DDT we used as a chemical, and it was just a household word. And then all of a sudden we found out there was problems with it, and it got banned. Other than that, everybody used DDT.
   Question: "Do you remember them spraying in the communities?"
   Kelly: "Yes, oh yes. I just remember they done it. You know, the city, or the village would go around and spray for mosquitoes and everything. And everybody liked DDT because they really got a kill. They didn't know the rest of the story."
   Question: "Yeah, and now you look back and you wonder, at least I look back and wonder, 'Should I really have been playing in those clouds of DDT?'"
   Kelly: "Yeah, well, you know, I worry about it. Not that I can do anything about it. But, in the community where I grew up, how many people have passed away because of cancer? Did it have to do with the farm chemicals, the DDT, or whatever they were at that time? Is it in the water, or is it just a coincidence?"
   Question: "And what's your answer? What's your gut feeling tell you?"
   Kelly: "Well, there's something. There's a connection."

Kelly Holthus on DDT


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