"My dad had pitched baseball in the '30s. And he'd get paid five dollars for pitching on Sunday afternoon, which was big money then. And so, we grew up as a baseball family. Then there was the Nebraska Independent League, which was Holdrege, Lexington, Kearney, McCook, all those towns. And after the war when those teams were really good, they had a lot of good players, we would go to a lot of baseball games in either Holdrege or Lexington, but primarily Holdrege. Everybody got behind those ball teams. That was a big deal.
   "You know, I think TV changed a lot of that. I really do. I think it's too bad because that was really good entertainment. We played softball and baseball in Bertrand, too. I played on the teams. And they still do that here today, but not with the intensity that we did in those days. You know, everybody would go to town and watch the local baseball team play, or go to Holdrege and watch that team play."
   Question: "Did you pay attention to the pros, the major leagues, as well?"
   Kelly: "Oh, yes. We all had our favorite [pro] team on the radio. The four of us in our family, we all had our favorite team."
   Question: "Different teams?"
   Kelly: "Oh, yes. There was that rivalry. We grew up as a baseball family. I'm not sure that every family thought about that, but we really did."

Kelly Holthus on Local Baseball


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