"Oh, just be able to turn a switch and have lights! We didn't need all the other conveniences at that time. But, then, you know, the washing machine, the refrigerator, everything followed. But, just to be able to turn on and have decent lights and not a kerosene or a gas lantern!...
   "While we didn't think we were pioneers [before electricity], we didn't think we were deprived, it was so different to have those things!"
Question: "Did you feel less isolated if you had – with electricity and everything else that came after that?"
Kelly: "I think so. We really became part of the world – at least a part of the state – after that. Before that, we were just our own little community there...
   "I think it probably gave me a desire to reach out and do other things. My father encouraged me NOT to be a farmer. He said, 'Get out and do other things.' I think that all kind of – After going through the Depression, the war, and all that, I was at an age where I had to make a decision. And I think that all had its effect on it."

Kelly Holthus on Getting Electricity


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