"There was an air base at Kearney, and I saw a bomber explode in the air and go down from that base, with all the parachutes coming out. I was out farming, helping my dad farm about this same time. My dad spotted it first. He said, 'Look to the north, there's a big puff of smoke.' And we saw this – They had always run flights over us while they were doing their practice runs. And we saw this big puff of smoke, and I don't know what ever happened. Then, we saw the parachutes come out. I think about six parachutes, I remember, came out. And the pilot and co-pilot didn't get out, they were killed in the crash. It was about six miles north of where we were at. We jumped in the car, and we were up there before anybody else was there. You didn't know how close to get, but all the neighbors were helping the people that had parachuted out. And then in about 30, 40 minutes or so the military showed up, and of course, run us off...
   "Oh, you just felt terrible, you know."

Kelly Holthus – Witnessing a Bomber Crash


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