"The thing I remember about the community changing, was the rationing. The gas rationing, the sugar stamps, the coffee stamps. The ladies couldn't get nylons. And then we'd have all these scrap drives. Everything was to do with the war, from buying savings stamps – savings bonds, our whole life changed completely is the way I remember it...
   "In a small rural community – this is a town of 600 people and everybody knew everybody. We'd all get a stamp on our car, the A stamp or a C stamp, depending on how much gas you needed. And some people would have, I think it was a C stamp, if I remember got more gas. And, well, 'So-and-so is not entitled to that, you know. They shouldn't get that C stamp!' But it was all those little things that were so important. Tires, of course, you couldn't get tires. You'd do anything to get tires. My dad, being a farmer, needed some tires for certain things."

Kelly Holthus on Rationing


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