"I remember exactly when Pearl Harbor was bombed. I would have been, probably, eight years old and didn't understand the magnitude of it, but I knew it was something big. We lived out on a farm and had the old battery radio. It seems to me I was outside playing, or doing something on a Sunday afternoon, and my parents said, 'Come on in, listen to this.' So we did. And, again, I didn't quite understand the magnitude of it. But the next morning I went to a rural one-room school and all of the parents were there...
   "I think just a meeting place to talk to other people about it because communications were not that great at that time. They all probably had a radio, but that's about all they had. And they just wanted to talk more about it.
   "Yeah, I had the idea that it was something big. A lot of people had been killed. A lot of damage was done and that we were at war. You know, that this was going to be the start of a war. But, it's just like it happened yesterday as far as remembering it. I really do."

Kelly Holthus on Pearl Harbor


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