"My adopted parents are buried down here in the Geneva Cemetery. That was Shorty and Emma Lou Johnson. He was a barber here. And the first time they saw me they took me mistakenly as their son. I looked that close. So, you can imagine what a family welcome I got at that time. But of course, it didn't help a bit that shortly after that I was up on a test hop and I took and tied a wrench and a piece of nylon cord to the four corners of a handkerchief. We made a circle over town and I threw it out and it landed in the street in front of their house…
   "Playing games. I mean, we were all young and filled with vim, vigor and vitality at that time. And I got my pilot – We were test hopping that engine. I asked him, I said, 'Well, the folks that live in that house right down there.'
   "He said, 'That one right there?' We put the wingtip on the street right in front of the house and went right around the wingtip and I just tossed it out. Watched Mom walk over and pick it up."

Sedgefield Hill – Finding Housing & a Family


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