"There was no homecoming really."
   Question: "No parade or anything?"
   "No, nothing. There was absolutely nothing. I don't think I had one person – there's people thank me more now than they did then, you know. I don't think I had one person thank me for what we'd gone through."
   Question: "Did you want that?"
   "No. Never even thought about it, to tell you the truth. That's what I wonder about the people today. They feel that they have to have a big turn out for 'em and stuff. I don't quite follow that because – No, we never expected, we never even thought of something like that. Nowadays, if you don't have a big homecoming there's something wrong. We never had it."
   Question: "You'd seen all of the United States, you'd been all over the United States. Seen New York, seen the Queen Mary, seen London, you've seen Paris (even though it was from a hospital bed), why didn't you want to stay away? Why didn't you want to move someplace else? Why come back to Nebraska?"
   "Well, Nebraska is the best yet. Still is. It's home I think. That's what I think. My folks was here yet, you know and everything. My brothers and sisters. And of course, my wife was at home, too."

Harry Hankel – Coming Home


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