Question: "So, how did the baseball team [on Tinian, in the middle of the war] get started?"
   "Well, you know, we had a lot of equipment that had been sent over there."
   Question: "Baseball equipment?"
   "Yes, everything except uniforms. At that time we didn't have uniforms, but later we did. But we had a lot of equipment. And, here, you've got the equipment, you've got hundreds of kids that had played baseball and so that's the way it started. And we would go, like I said, from our base, North Field they called it in Tinian, we would go across and play the Marines and play the Seabees, and so on…
   "Keep in mind there's lots of rain, lots of bad weather there. And a lot people – You couldn't always load bombs and get aircraft off because of the weather situation."

Don Geery & Baseball on Tinian


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