"Visualize this young boy walking down the street in this little town of 400 people with his dog and, looking over, barefoot, his pant legs rolled up… I looked over here, and here's this elderly gentleman with this black cape on and long beard and this funny looking hat on and was talking to these – this young group of boys.
   "And I went over. I knew his name because my younger brother had helped – The church had burned down, and my younger brother had carried bricks to build the new church. But, anyway, I knew that him, and his name was Reverend Trofolzo. And you could see, you know, I didn't know what a foreigner was, nothing, you see. But, nevertheless, he says, 'You're that Geery boy aren't you?'
   "I said, 'Yes.'
   "He says, 'Would you like to join our ball team, our baseball team?'
   "And I says, 'Yes, I'd like that.'
   "'Well,' he says, 'We have a certain rule. And you'd have to join church if you – in order to play baseball.'
   "And I said, 'What's involved in that?'
   "So, he told me. So, I joined church."

Don Geery & the Love of Baseball


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