"I'll never forget it. It was on Christmas Eve. And everybody wanted to get this farmer hooked up primarily because his wife. He had his house wired. His wife had arthritis, the awfulest arthritis you can imagine. And we went in the house and saw what that was…
   "We saw that she had hot packs, you know, on her legs and arms, and so on and so forth. And she was, you know, kind of deformed…
   "We were going to connect that farmer up! We didn't care how long it took. So, we went ahead and strung some wire and energized the transformer… When we energized them, we walked in. And she had, I don't know how many electric blankets wrapped around her. And she was crying. Her children were crying. And we were crying. So, we jumped in the truck and went home. That was on Christmas Eve."

Don Geery – Electricity on Christmas Eve


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