"The GI Bill, they provided me with all kinds of training and stuff from international correspondence school. And I started that – It was started through the Veteran's Educational System, and you could subscribe to this any time you were in the service. And, it was, well, it was a tremendous education. And on top of that education, if you stayed in the program, you got $120 more a month off the government, you see. Not only that, but the first house I told you about that we built, the interest rate was 2½ percent through the GI Bill…
   "There was, I think six or seven of us, young guys that came out of the service that subscribed to this and took these courses. And I remember we received a lot of help from people in York College as far as teaching us was concerned. We'd meet at different peoples' houses and that's the way we got through it. It took me 3½ years, myself. Some of them took longer. Not that I was smarter than the rest of them, I just didn't have anything to do. I was married, so I had to stay at home and study… I started to work for the [Consumer's Public] Power Company for 65½-cents an hour… And I moved up and up and up, and I ended up as transmission department manager after 38½ years."

Don Geery & The GI Bill


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