"Well, he [Don's brother Woodrow] was involved in gathering up the Japanese that were on the west coast and putting them in – under control, you know, the Japanese because they thought everybody that was Japanese was no good at that time…
   "Well, he didn't think it was right. Although I think if you'd ask him – this was before he went overseas – I think if you'd asked him two or three years later he might've changed his mind because he was in Leyte and the Philippines, and Guadalcanal. And that was a bloody, bloody mess. And he had no love whatsoever for the Japanese. And I think had this happened after that, I think he would've had a different viewpoint. But afterwards, after he came home, he knew it was the wrong thing to do because he actually fought side-by-side with some Japanese [American] people."

Don Geery & Rounding Up Japanese-Americans


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