"Nebraska and Kansas, they were a hotbed of preparing for our response to the people in Japan and any place else as far as the war is concerned. In Nebraska we had airbases starting in Fairmont, Nebraska; Bruning, Nebraska; Kearney, Nebraska; Grand Island, Nebraska and, I think there was a couple of others. But there was only one place that had much to do with the B-29 organization [Fairmont Airbase]. Now, what are we looking at there? We're looking at a piece of land, lots of land, in fact, that was owned by farmers. And here we have the government coming in and wanting to disturb this land and build air bases in those areas. So, you can see what we were really taking out of production with all these air bases. It was amazing, during that period of time, there was never any resentment to what was happening. Now, you try to place that in what goes on in today's effort to protect our freedom, it's hard to realize…
   "Originally, B29s had problems with the engine. And as a result, when you took off – When you left the ground, the idea was to get up as quick as you could. Well, in trying to gain altitude, the engine would overheat and catch on fire… So what happened, orders came out that when you took off in these airplanes with that particular engine, you did not climb quickly. Now, this caused some problems with the farming community. I remember distinctly because when we left the ground, we did not climb fast. And if you can view this, we flew over some farm homes, and some cattle, and some chickens, and some pigs, and everything else. And they [the livestock] just about went batty. They took the fences down. They [the planes] just caused a lot of problems. Well, the farmers, they realized the need for what was going on, and they put up a little comments, but not to the extent that it was a problem."

Don Geery & Nebraska's Contribution


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