"Oh, yes, my goodness. You'd be out in the yard. And see, there was an airbase, where was it? Over south. They would come from there, and they would fly so low! You could see them sitting in the plane laughing because they'd think you'd get scared and run for shelter… They would come over the line, you know, the telephone line, the electric line, and they would go up over that and then they'd dive down over the yard. I'd be out in the yard. And those kids would dive down so you could see him sitting in there laughing that I was running for shelter somewhere. It was just young fellows…
   "We picked up a good many of those boys. They'd be walking from York down toward Fairmont. We'd be coming from York. We'd have them, I'd have one in my lap. We had a coupe, and there would be a couple of them out on the back cover, you know, trunk cover. And a couple of them sitting up on the fenders, you know. [Laughs.] We just loaded the car down with as many as we could pick up to take to Fairmont when we were coming from York."
   Question: "Where were they from?"
   "Oh, just everywhere. Good heavens, they came from New York and just everywhere. It wasn't always good, either. There happened some terrible things. There was a young girl killed, found out in the cornfield, killed by one of them that were at the airbase. You had to be a little careful. Of course, they came, all kinds from everywhere, you know. But we tended to try to help them and pick them up and take them home to Fairmont if we could."

Carla Due – Buzzed by Bombers


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