"I wrote my memoirs. I handed it to the kids on our 50th wedding anniversary. And I had a chapter in there… 'My Dad a Farmer?' with a question mark, you know…
   "He lived on a farm. But to him, it was very boring to be driving back and forth on a field when he could be sitting in his shop tinkering on something. And so, we very often had a hired man that would do the running back and forth on the field, and he would do other things…
   "In the thirties he farmed during the day and trucked livestock to Omaha at night. He did that because he wanted to be first in line at the unloading dock at the stockyards and first back home, so he could get back to work again. When he slept, I don't know. He did – we did custom threshing, had a threshing crew. He did custom silo filling. He was the first one to get the combines going, and then we got several combines [harvesting crops for others]."

Diena Schmidt on her Dad, John Thieszen


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