"I decided that I would leave the military, and, I did. And I came back here to York and worked as a flight instructor for – We had a flying school right here in York [owned by] Don Bair. And I worked as a flight instructor there for about a year. We had quite a few students. In fact, we had six flight instructors, and we probably had, oh, 20 training airplanes…
   "We got a lot of students from the GI Bill of Rights. Guys that had gone through the military and always wanted to fly. They could go and receive flight training through places like our base there. We had a lot of ex-servicemen that we were teaching to fly."
   Question: "What did they do with the training?"
   "Nothing. After they were done, why, for the most part, why, that's about all they ever flew. Some of them went on to buy airplanes. And we had several air strips around York County that were called Archer Oil Strips, which was an oil company and they would have a dedication, or they'd put them right on the farm. They just set a strip of land aside for a runway and build a hanger for their airplane. We had several of those here in this county."

Jim Chenault – Student Pilots on the GI Bill


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