Academic Standards for
Listening is Not Hearing

Eighth Grade Standards

Nebraska Language Arts

8.4.1 By the end of the eighth grade, students will identify information gained and complete tasks through listening.
Example Indicators:

  • Listen to take notes and process information.
  • Follow multi-step oral directions.
  • Use listening skills in practical settings.
  • Adapt listening strategies for specific purposes.

8.2.5 By the end of the eighth grade, students will demonstrate the ability to use self-generated questions, note taking, summarizing and outlining while learning.
Example Indicators:

  • Generate questions, take notes, and summarize information gleaned from reference works and experts.
  • Use and document references.

8.1.2 By the end of the eighth grade, students will identify, locate, and use multiple resources to access information on an assigned or self-selected topic.
Example Indicators:

  • Use general reference materials (dictionary, thesaurus, encyclopedia, atlas, telephone book, almanac).
  • Use electronic resources (CD-ROM, software programs, online resources).
  • Use library resources (card or electronic catalog, periodicals, and other informational text).
  • Use multimedia resources (video/audio tapes).