"Well, there was a man in the community who done a lot of corn shelling – at that time they'd shell corn, you know, they'd picked it in the ear and then they'd shell it – and this man done a lot of corn shelling. And he done some grain threshing, they'd thresh the wheat. At that time, they used to have a lot more wheat than they have now. But, we done some repair work on his equipment. Then, when the season was over, this man went out to western Nebraska when they were harvesting potatoes. And he picked up a truckload of potatoes, sack of potatoes. And he came back, and he stopped at the shop, and he says, 'I don't have any money, but I have some potatoes. Could you use some potatoes?' [Laughs.] So, we got that bill paid with potatoes."
     Question: "And how long were you eating potatoes, do you remember?"
     "No. There wasn't that many, see. Just a couple hundred pounds of potatoes, paid the bill. Three hundred pounds, I think it was."
     Question: "That seems like a lot of pounds of potatoes to me."
     "Well, yes, but potatoes is a good food. No meal is complete without potatoes somewhere. [Laughs.]"

Walter Schmitt on Getting Paid with Potatoes


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